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Local Computer Repairs for the Hanover area of Brighton.

Established 2002.

Services and prices


Contact Details



All computer problems fixed, give Adam a call on 07779 806887

Jobs include virus removal, data recovery, laptop screen replacement, upgrades, and more.

Laptop running too slowly? Drop it off and I will see what the problem is and make recommendations.


I charge £40 per hour for coming out to you in Hanover. There is a small callout fee if I have to travel out of Hanover for jobs under £100.

Sometimes it is better if you drop your computer off at my house, as I will be able to spend much more time on it to make sure everything is working as it should. For example I can leave it running scans overnight.


Typical Prices . It can be hard to make a price list as every job is different, but here are some examples...

Virus removal is typically £60.

Laptop keyboard replacement £75

Laptop screen replacement £100

Laptop touchscreen replacement £150

Hard Drive replaced with SSD and the old Windows moved to the new drive, £140

Hard Drive replaced with SSD and Windows reinstalled and data moved to new drive, £160

I will always log in and test your PC to make sure your computer is working well, this includes checking for and removing malware. I will stop unnecessary programs from starting, and prevent unwanted scheduled tasks from running.

Free Software

Once I have serviced your computer or reinstalled your operating system I can install a range of free software. This includes

-Antivirus. A free well respected antivirus , that I will finetune.

-Picture Viewer (a great full screen photo viewer which is also a slideshow player, can scan, and includes basic photo editor such as red eye removal, cropping, brightness and colour adjustment, with a handy print preview so that your photos print as you expect. It can even add speech bubbles to photos, ideal for making birthday cards etc).

-Video Player - can play most types of movie files as well as audio files. Very handy if you have videos from old cameras as it can play most types without having to install questionable codecs.

-ZIP and RAR compression software

-Cleaning software to remove temp files and clean registry. This is the only cleaning software I recommend, many registry cleaning programs on the internet are questionable, and can cause damage and even be linked to malware.

-Free alternative to Microsoft Office - I will change the settings of this software so that it saves in Microsoft Office format by default (eg .docx), so you can send documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoint files to people and they will be able to open them in MS Office,


Reinstalling Operating System.

Sometimes a virus has done too much damage, or maybe you just want a clean start. Reinstalling the Operating System will put you back to Factory Settings (better than factory settings, because I will not install all the bloat-ware that normally gets bundled on computers).

Reinstalling the Operating System is £90 including Windows Updates and installing essential software such as Antivirus. I have a selection of the best free software that I can install for you..

I can often backup your Office keys and reinstall once Windows has been installed.


Internet Connection

I can fix internet problems and get you back online.



I can upgrade the memory or the hard drive in your Desktop or Laptop.

Replacing your slow old hard drive with a Solid State Drive is a great way of making your computer faster.

Desktop computers may benefit from a new graphics card, especially if you are interested in playing games.Prices vary depending on the speed required.


Data Recovery

Data Recovery costs will vary depending on the problem.

I have had extensive experience in recovering data from Hard Drives and USB Drives.

From copying your files from an old computer to repairing a failed drive, I will always try my best to recover your important files.


Data Backups

I can install a backup system for you to make it easier for you to keep your files safe.

Data Security

I can wipe old computers for £20 per hard drive, meaning that no one will ever be able to recover any files.



Setting up , connecting to printer or scanner wirelessly, also sharing in a network.



If you have a small office or just a busy household then you would benefit from having a network. You can have shared folders, no longer will you need to email a document so that you can use it on another computer in the house. Printers and other devices can be shared too.

Other Computer Issues

I will be able to help with a vast range of problems big and small that you might encounter. If you just need someone to show you how to use the computer or install your broadband, or if you need data converting to another format, give me a call and see if I can help.



-If a job is looking like it will be too expensive I can call to discuss - no shock bills at the end of the job.

-after-service guarantee, if you have any problems after the job you can always call me for advice. If need be I can come over for free to take a look. This is the beauty of working locally.

-I can look at your computer and give you my honest opinion on if it is worth fixing.

-If I cannot repair your machine or recover your data there is no fee.

-I am honest and trust worthy. I have been working locally since 2002. Your data and passwords will be used in the strictest confidence, and will be deleted once the job is over.


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